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Personal Security, Vehicle tracking and assets management has become synonymous with the daily living conditions of people in South Africa. The pilferage of goods, snatching of vehicles and other assets and the murdering of its owners heightened the need to develop systems which can potentially put a halt to these menaces. With the inception of vehicle tracking and fleet management services, a considerable reduction in above cases have been noted around the world. Vehicle and asset tracking together with various other security related systems not only focus on the automobile sector but also provide a sense of security to the banking, insurance, personal and many other areas. EyesOn Telematics was established with the aim of providing safety equipment to individual car and other movable asset owners but also focusing to provide relief to the auto manufacturing sector, lease/ Finance industry and insurance sector. EyesOn Telematics is commonly recognized by its brand name. EyesOn Telematics was founded by a former SA Police veteran with 20 years plus in the law enforcement, tracking, and recovery and security industry experience.  Right from its inception EyesOn Telematics has gone through a comprehensive testing phase covering all aspects of vehicle and asset tracking together with personal and other security systems before offering services to its valued customers.

EyesOn Telematics is able to pride itself on a 100% recovery rate. Current date 20181113

EyesOn Telematics services are backed by efficient customer care and sales departments to attain excellence in every aspect of client requirement.

We have the following departments to provide the quality services to our valued clients: NOJACK Service Providers NOJACK Service Providers offer a unique turnkey solution to their existing clients, giving the NJSPS a national footprint and call center. The NJSP is given the opportunity to increasing their company’s revenue, which has a direct influence on the company’s bottom line. The NJSP also allow NoJack to expand its footprint in the market. GIS & R&D We are quality conscious company; we want to update our customers with the exact locations, so the GIS & R&D department continuously focuses on updating our system. Or product manufacturers spend up to $6.5 million on annual R&D and over 10 000 000 devices manufactured.


  • Jamming detector device,(This a early warning signal that jamming devices are in the immediate  area, please visit our K9-129 page on face book for a demonstration video on how this device work, this is absolutely a must for every vehicle owner.
  • Agricultural Machinery Tracking,
  • Cell phone Tracking,
  • Computer Tracking, Covert Tracking Hardware,
  • Farm, Cargo Protector, Fleet Tracking,
  • Motorcycle Tracking,
  • Parcel Tracking, People Tracking,
  • Plant Machinery Tracking,
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems,
  • Trailer Tracking, Vehicle Live Video Monitoring and Recording Systems,
  • Police Type Body Worn Live Video Recording and Monitoring, Armed Escorts
  • Anti-Hijacking Units and most any unique tracking needs the clients may have.

Detail of Technology Used By EyesOn Telematics

It is a pleasure to inform you that EyesOn Telematics is among a small number of companies which are using the worlds latest technology for vehicle tracking, fleet management and other asset securing equipment. We use state of art GPS/GSM/GPRS/GIS/RFID and other security related technology.